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Star Forge Star Forge

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

A nice little impression... what this track creates in my head - the beginning already introduces pretty much all the elements we'll hear in this track and the choir pushes the track forward.
Then for a while the track seems to stagnate a little, the background elements keep it interesting - the piano is a little too harsh for my taste - but that may very well be just me (and I would have given it even more reverb, but hey I'm a reverb fetishist, so...).
Then from about 1:30 until 1:55 we have an awesome climax, with my absolute favorite moment in this piece at 1:48 - the choir is wonderful there, wonderful.

So all in all, my advice (if you consider me advice-worthy): more bass (I think at least in this track a powerful bass would carry the flow of the song nicely), more dynamics (and generally make it a little softer for pieces like this) and more clearly evolving elements like that climax at the end - that was wonderful.